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We Were Born to Build Exceptional Sales Teams

No fluff. No complex models. No corporate jargon. We specialise in helping Sales Leaders, meaning our depth of knowledge is unparalleled in our field. Our content is simple and practical for real-world application.
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We live and breathe to help Sales Leaders unlock their superpowers and build simply inspiring sales teams

Our leadership and coaching principles define every interaction that we take.

We stand by 4 critical outcomes that are embedded into each of our programs:

Personalised EQ

The modern leader knows how to tailor their coaching and management approach to not only each individual's strengths, weaknesses and learning styles, but also the prevailing micro and macro environments they work within. We believe this generation of leader needs to be equally adept in both hard (metrics) and soft (EQ) leadership skills.

Transparent Accountability

We build cultures where teams thrive on being accountable. When teams can hold each other to their commitments in an environment where success is celebrated and missing milestones is met with an opportunity to grow and learn we see the best ongoing results.

Data-driven Analysis

Balanced with advanced soft skills, a highly effective sales coach analyzes relevant sales data to identify trends, opportunities, and how to gain a competitive edge on their competition.

Learning as a Habit

Gaining an edge is hard enough. Keeping it requires a long-term commitment to learning. We make sure our teams systemize a learning process that becomes a day-to-day habit.

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Meet the Director

Having cycled through a corporate career, exited very successful start-ups and hit complete financial freedom, life has given me the fortune to choose my own adventure. Based between Australia’s Sunshine Coast and the consistently gorgeous LA, my time is now spent focused on helping Sales Leaders around the globe.
We’ve developed a proven and practical strategy for sales leaders to build strong sales teams…. And to keep my commitment to my first mentor, we’re paying it forward to all those wonderful sales leaders out there who just need a little help bringing to the surface their leadership superpowers.
My journey hasn’t always been smooth. There’s a great story of stagnation, reinvention and unbelievable hard work that, as a leader who thrives on transparency, I feel compelled to share…
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Our most successful programs start with a truly informed sales leader… obtaining 2X, 3X, 5X+ revenue and profit growth needs you engaged from day one. Book a free exploratory call with us today to learn how we can best help you grow.
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94% of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their professional development

That’s where we come in. Stronger Sales Teams exists to sharpen the personal leadership skills of emerging and experienced Sales Leaders.
We know it - Sales Leaders simply don’t have time for complicated training programs, so our methods are simple, supported by easy to use tools and provide the training materials for Leaders to develop themselves and their teams.

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Free Sales Process
The FREE template for building a real-world sales process.
The Team STEP Playbook
Your easy-to-follow sales strategy template.
The ‘3-Box’ Model
The best sales metrics to measure your team against.
Training Calendar
The real-world checklist to building out your training calendar.

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