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Episode 1: The Sales Process: Game Plan

Welcome to the Stronger Sales Teams Podcast by Ben Wright! In this pilot episode, Ben Wright welcomes listeners to the Stronger Sales Teams podcast. He explains how to design an effective sales process, one that is easy to follow, measurable, and that everyone is willing to stick to. He stresses the importance of having everyone on board and engaged with the process, and highlights how having a successful sales process can help to grow revenue and make businesses profitable.

This podcast discusses the importance of having a sales process and sales methodology in order to ensure that customers are well looked after and that teams are working together. A sales process is the game plan or structure that is created to enable teams to beat competitors and maximize time and energy. A sales methodology is the approach that is used to implement the sales process. It is important to have both in order to ensure a successful team.

The speaker is discussing the importance of creating a sales process that provides value for customers. To help guide the process, they suggest using the baseball as an analogy, which is discussed in this podcast. Sales processes can vary from five to nine steps, but they recommend starting with five and expanding if necessary.

0:00:00 Intro

0:01:55 Design a Sales Process

0:02:49 The Sales Process

0:03:53 Sales Methodology

0:04:53 Sales Process + Sales Methodology

0:06:00 Creating an Awesome Sales Process though the “Baseball” Analogy

0:07:34 Creating a Sales Process: Home Plate (Lead Generation)

0:08:33 Creating a Sales Process: Second Base (Meet and Greet, Needs Analysis)

0:09:45 Creating a Sales Process: Third Base (Presentation)

0:10:33 Creating a Sales Process: Home Run (The Close)

0:11:50 Creating a Sales Process: Post Game Recovery (Post Close Key Account Management)

0:13:49 Creating a Sales Process: Other Needs to Form Part of the Sales Process

0:23:13 Health and Fitness Tips

0:23:30 Outro


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