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Episode 9: How to Build a High Performing Sales Team that Actually Delivers

In this Episode, Ben discusses the importance of building a successful sales team and why only 52% of sales leaders feel confident that they know what 'good' looks like. He provides insights and actionable steps to help sales managers build, motivate and keep together highly effective teams. He explains that salespeople have a wide range of skills that are essential for success such as; building relationships, being able to think on their feet, influencing people, challenging customers, working with numbers, being resilient and persistent. He also emphasizes the importance of managing personal health in order to have a happy and productive view.

Successful sales leaders are able to build a process that leads to a high performing team. In order to build an environment of performance without stifling creativity or reducing engagement, it is important to focus on responsibility. This means creating an environment that allows individuals to take ownership of their role and encourages them to learn through experience. It also involves providing feedback to help them understand what good looks like and developing strategies that reward performance. Finally, it involves setting clear expectations and providing recognition for a job well done.

This episode introduces the Team STEP Model, a new model for peak performance in sales teams. This model is focused on the four key levers of peak performance - strategy, talent, energy, and peak performance. When these levers are combined, they result in high engagement, successful close rates, efficient movement through the sales cycle, cohesive teams, and budget goals being met. The Team STEP Playbook will be available for free when you sign up and follow the podcast series as well as other resources to help teams understand and implement the model.

0:00:00 Intro

0:01:33 Why Are Only 52% of Sales Leaders Confident in what 'Good' Looks Like?

0:03:56 How to Build an Environment of Success

0:04:47 4 Key Habits that Drive the Success of Sales Leaders

0:04:53 4 Key Habits: A Sales Process

0:05:20 4 Key Habits: Key Levers

0:05:47 4 Key Habits: Measurement Model

0:06:13 4 Key Habits: Training and Coaching

0:07:09 Emphasis on 4 Key Levers (Team S.T.E.P. Model)

0:09:25 Team S.T.E.P. Model: Strategy

0:11:45 Team S.T.E.P. Model: Talent

0:13:42 Team S.T.E.P. Model: Energy

0:15:10 Team S.T.E.P. Model: Peak Performance

0:19:05 Where to get the Playbook

0:020:54 Health and Fitness Tips

0:023:16 Outro


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