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Episode 10: How to Strengthen Mental Fitness for Optimum Sales Performance

Today’s guest, Juan Sanchez, is the founder and head coach of Primley, a mental fitness coaching business. Juan has formal qualifications in mental fitness and a 12 year career in sales management and business development. He also volunteers for organizations such as Beyond Blue for suicide prevention and mental health awareness. The conversation focused on how to strengthen mental fitness for optimum sales performance. Mental fitness is linked to how one lives their life outside of their job. With care and dedication, listeners can optimize their mental health and improve their sales performance.

This conversation provides an overview of how to exercise the mind muscles in the same way as physical muscles. The three key components to build a strong mental fitness routine are mindfulness exercises such as mindfulness breathing and meditation, flow activities like playing cards, sudoku, and exercising, and lastly, avoiding distractions like phones, emails, television, radio, and music. Exercising the mind muscle is important in order to keep it active and to prevent atrophy. Following these suggestions will help to build a strong mental fitness routine.

In this conversation, the two speakers discussed how salespeople can improve their performance by exercising their mind muscle through various activities. The first one mentioned was mindfulness, followed by meditation and any other activity that requires single-minded focus. It was then discussed that being mentally fit also requires an understanding of the relationship between mind and body.

0:00:00 Intro

0:01:21 Guest Introduction

0:02:28 How to Strengthen Mental Fitness

0:03:17 How to Exercise the Mind Muscle

0:05:47 Improving Sales Performance by Being Mentally Fitter

0:09:05 How to be Better Sleepers and Eaters

0:13:38 Taking A Break

0:14:39 Frontal Alpha Symmetry

0:15:25 Pausing Activities

0:16:35 Being on Top of Your Game

0:17:48 The Science Behind the Tips

0:21:05 Guest Details

0:21:30 Outro

Juan Sanchez: 

  1. The average working professional sleeps 6.5hrs - Less than the recommended 7 to 9hrs of recommended sleep: 
  2. In the US, fatigue related to sleep deprivation costs employers US$1,967 annually per employee: Rosekind R, Gregory B, Mallis M et al. (2010) The cost of poor sleep: workplace productivity loss and associated costs. J Occup Environ Med 52(1):91–9
  3. Brain activity peaks with 25 mg of glucose circulation (1 banana): 
  4. Microsoft WTI Pulse report: 


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