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Episode 15: The Only 3 Metrics You Need to Measure a Sales Team

Join Ben as he shares his personal journey from salesperson to sales leader, highlighting the challenges faced during this transition. Discover the power of the 3-Box Model, a strategic approach that helps sales leaders measure their teams while keeping them motivated. Ben encourages listeners to envision their future success and provides free resources to build super-powered sales teams. Don't miss this episode for actionable insights and practical tips to optimize leadership skills and achieve outstanding results in sales.

Lighting a fire UNDER someone will never be as effective as lifting a fire WITHIN someone
- Bob Teague 


0:00 Intro

1:37 Recap

2:29 “Vulnerable Moment”

7:11 The 3-Box Model

7:58 Lighting the Fire Within

9:18 Being Clear on the Metrics 

10:47 Simplifying the Sales Metrics

11:19 First Box: Number of Meetings

12:00 Second Box: Active Pipeline Size

13:09 Third Box: Sales Achieved

14:30 Measurement

22:42 How to Implement the 3-Box Model

23:56 Health and Wellbeing Tip


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