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Episode 18: Why Sales Prospecting Has Evolved, with Collin Mitchell

This week, Collin Mitchell joins Ben Wright on the Stronger Sales Teams podcast to discuss the importance of personalization in the sales process and how technology can be leveraged to achieve this. They delve into the top-of-funnel challenges faced by sales organizations and the need for effective inbound lead management and outbound campaigns. Collin emphasizes the power of data in personalization and highlights the various segmentation points that can be used to tailor messaging. He also emphasizes the need for sales teams to measure conversions rather than just activity and constantly optimize their strategies. The conversation touches on the changing landscape of B2B sales, the role of AI in sales, and the importance of embracing technology. Collin shares his go-to tech tools for sales teams, including CRM systems, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and video tools. The episode concludes with insights into successful sales leadership traits and the importance of continuous learning.

About The Guest:

Collin Mitchell is a four-time founder, sales expert, and podcast host. He is currently the VP of Sales at Leadium, a company that helps sellers personalize the sales process to build rapport and close more deals. Collin has over 13 years of experience in sales, particularly in the SaaS industry, and has successfully scaled multiple businesses.




0:00 Intro

1:10 Guest Introduction 

2:52 Success of Leadium

4:48 Personalizing the Sales Process 

7:21 Modern Teams Generating Leads 

12:28 Changes from the Past Years

14:30 Successful Tech Changes 

19:27 Tech Recommendations 

21:52 Podcast Alternatives  

24:20 Traits of a Successful Sales Leader 

26:18 Guest’s Platforms

27:27 Outro