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Episode 53: How to Profit From Networking

In this episode, Ben delves into the art of face-to-face networking and the power of making and receiving referrals. Drawing from his extensive experience as an entrepreneur, corporate leader, and sales coach, Ben shares practical advice on how to effectively navigate networking events and build meaningful connections that drive success. From crafting compelling pitches to mastering the follow-up process, Ben provides actionable strategies to help listeners develop highly effective B2B sales teams and achieve their business goals. 

Ben Wright shares his streamlined approach to mastering referral networking, knowing that for sales managers and entrepreneurs alike, your network can significantly dictate your net worth. Tune in to discover how you can profit from networking and unlock new opportunities in the world of sales.

Key Takeaways:

  • Referral Networking Mastery: Learn the "how to think", "what to write", and "when to engage" strategies for successful referrals.
  • Creating Effective Referrals: Discover the importance of structured templates and personalised pitches that resonate with potential connections.
  • Improving Connection Rates: Understand Ben Wright's metrics for follow-up and engagement to maximise referral outcomes.
  • Health and Fitness Tip: Gain insights on how to maintain momentum and well-being, particularly during times when your regular fitness routine is disrupted.

Time Stamps: 

0:00 Intro

2:18 How To Network Effectively

4:00 Importance of Referrals 

5:30 The Will and Skill

7:39 Referrals

8:18 Referrals: How to Think

11:56 Referrals: What to Write

17:23 Referrals: When to Engage

20:30 Recap

23:17 Health & Wellbeing Tip

25:13 Outro

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