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Episode 60: Should We Really Celebrate Achieving Job Expectations

In this episode of the Stronger Sales Team podcast, host Ben Wright, delves into the transformative power of celebrating sales team achievements. Ben categorises celebrations into three types: senior leadership level, internal team, and external team celebrations, emphasising their distinct aims and implementations. He further explores the four C's of celebrationsā€”cadence, cash, customised, and creativeā€”and the influence they wield in building team cohesion and inspiring increased productivity. Bolstered by statistics and real-world examples, Ben makes a compelling case for integrating celebratory routines into sales management strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Celebrate achievements across three levels: senior leadership, internal team, and external team, each with unique methods and outcomes.
  • Implement the four C'sā€”cadence, cash, customised, and creative celebrationsā€”to acknowledge sales team successes and build morale.
  • Regular recognition of small wins helps establish a positive and productive routine.
  • Celebrate behavioral and process wins, potentially during strategic planning follow-ups, to reinforce positive actions.
  • Instituting rituals for celebrating deal closures can create


Time Stamps: 

0:00 Intro

1:20 Celebration

2:07 Why Celebration is Important

3:40 Three Types of Celebrations

4:11 Three Types of Celebrations: Senior Level Celebrations

7:26 Three Types of Celebrations : Internal Team Celebrations

8:51 Three Types of Celebrations: External Team Celebrations

15:00 How to Celebrate

15:35 How to Celebrate: Cadence Celebrations

16:32 How to Celebrate: Cash Celebrations

17:23 How to Celebrate: Customised Celebrations

18:25 How to Celebrate: Creative Celebrations

20:05 When to Celebrate

25:25 Health and Fitness Tip

26:36 Outro

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