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Episode 61: The 10-Step Blueprint to Nailing Change Management

In this episode of the Stronger Sales Team podcast, host Ben Wright delves into the often intimidating world of change management.

Ben tackles the "brutal reality" that 70% of change management initiatives fail, as reported by the Harvard Business Review. He proposes a counter-narrative, outlining ten structured steps to embrace change effectively. From breaking down objectives to celebrating small victories, Wright breaks the process into manageable pieces. Equip yourself with the winning strategy and be one of the three that succeed!

Key Takeaways:

  • Change management, while challenging, can be navigated successfully with the right approach and mindset.
  • Defining success metrics and setting clear goals is essential for change initiatives.
  • Creating and managing effective teams is a multi-layered process involving champion energisers, thinkers, and storytellers.
  • Building quick momentum in change management is key to success, preventing initiatives from stalling or failing.

Time Stamps: 

0:00 Intro

1:15 Change Management

4:03 Change Management: Define the Broader Goal and Outline the Steps

7:07 Change Management: Defining the Process

8:31 Change Management: Assigning Teams

12:27 Change Management: Build Sub-Teams

13:38 Change Management: Setting the Cadence of The Program

14:08 Change Management: Communication and Celebration

15:53 Change Management: Get Senior Leaders Involved

18: 03 Change Management: Setting Review Periods 

19:50 Change Management: Get Involved

20:26 Change Management: Move Quickly

21:18 Recap

22:36 Health and Fitness Tip

23:57 Outro

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