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Episode 66: What is WRONG in the World of Sales with Alex McNaughten

In this episode of the Stronger Sales Teams podcast, host Ben Wright talks with Alex McNaughten, co-founder and co-CEO of Grw AI. They explore critical issues in B2B sales management, highlighting a significant disconnect: only a third of salespeople receive regular coaching, despite 84% of managers thinking they provide it. Alex attributes this gap to insufficient training and overwhelming responsibilities for sales managers.

The conversation also covers the evolving sales landscape, emphasising the need for salespeople to add genuine value and adapt to increasing buyer sophistication. Despite advancements in AI, both agree that sales roles are not becoming obsolete but are evolving. Alex stresses the importance of leveraging technology, continuous learning, and developing structured coaching practices to build effective sales teams in today’s dynamic environment.

About the Guest:

Alex McNaughten, a seasoned sales expert originally hailing from London and now residing in New Zealand, boasts an extensive career spanning 15 years. Throughout his journey, Alex has immersed himself in diverse realms of sales, transitioning from being the inaugural sales recruit at a tech startup to ascending to the position of VP of Sales. Along the way, he has established two enterprises and played a pivotal role in bolstering sales and revenue teams across a portfolio exceeding 150 companies. Presently, Alex is making significant strides as the co-founder and co-CEO of Grw AI, a groundbreaking platform for team performance tailored to bridge gaps in frontline management and sales coaching.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sales organisations face significant challenges with low quota attainment, short sales professional tenure, and substantial gaps in proper coaching.
  • The transition to remote selling has created new hurdles for team development but also opportunities for structured, consistent team management.
  • Despite a growing preference for buyers to avoid salespeople, those engaging with sales representatives report better post-purchase outcomes.
  • Technology is reshaping sales roles, and salespeople who embrace AI and new tools will thrive, while those resistant to change may become obsolete.
  • Grow AI is pioneering solutions to help frontline sales managers provide high-quality coaching with the support of AI.

Time Stamps: 

0:00 Intro

1:11 Guest Introduction

2:20 The Alex McNaughten Journey

3:38 Grw AI

7:53 What's Wrong with Sales Right Now

12:58 Handling Remote Workforce

14:40 Changes in the Sales World

17:06 Outcomes

19:27 Guest’s Socials

20:20 Outro

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