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Episode 67: Can You Really Be a Leader Without Understanding Sales, with Karl Brockman

In this episode of Stronger Sales Teams, host Ben Wright chats with Karl Brockman, a renowned consultant in people and performance. 

The discussion kicks off with praise for Karl Brockman's impressive expertise and highlights his unique approach to developing high-performing teams through mindset, leadership, and effective people practices. The conversation then delves into the similarities between sales and leadership, focusing on trust-building, negotiation, and pitching visions and ideas within a business context. The episode smoothly transitions to examine the connection between self-leadership and sales performance, emphasising the crucial alignment for success in both areas.

About the Guest:

Karl Brockman is a specialist in people and performance, boasting a diverse background in sales and leadership. Prior to his consulting career, he held leadership positions in telco retail stores and spearheaded learning and development initiatives at Beta Group. Karl excels in consultative selling, fostering performance culture, and developing leaders. Renowned for his ability to tackle underlying issues within organisations, he assists leaders in creating top-tier teams by prioritising mindset and practices. Karl Brockman is on the verge of launching Gold Brick Road, his consultancy aimed at offering a new outlook on building resilient business teams.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trust is fundamental in both sales and leadership as it allows for discovery and understanding of perspectives, needs, and ways forward.
  • A successful salesperson simplifies the process for the right client to agree to the right solution, similar to a leader selling a vision or initiative.
  • Leadership principles can enhance sales tactics by promoting self-leadership, effective conversation steering, and fostering a collaborative planning approach.
  • Conflict between leadership and sales often arises from misaligned interests or strategies, which can be mitigated through open communication and collaboration.
  • Achieving sales goals is not sufficient for sales leadership; it's equally important to focus on team ethics, culture, and sustainable business practices.

Time Stamps: 

0:00 Intro

0:47 Guest Introduction

3:28 Relationship Between Sales and Leadership

6:07 A Successful Sales Person

10:10 Synergies Existing Between Sales and Leadership

13:36 Leadership Skills in Sales

17:37 Conflict 

22:32 What A Sales Leader Should Focus On

25:48 Guest Socials

26:48 Outro

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