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Episode 68: Why We Simply Must Invest in Our Personal Brands, with Johnathan Maltby

In this episode of Stronger Sales Teams, host Ben Wright chats with Johnathan Maltby. The conversation dives into the intricate world of personal branding. With a career spanning several fields, Johnathan shares his insights on how personal branding goes beyond mere business benefits—it drives purpose, adds value, and can significantly influence customer outcomes. Emphasising the importance of being conscious of one's brand, he breaks down the core elements that constitute a strong personal brand: value creation, credibility, and visibility.

The episode walks listeners through the crucial elements of crafting an effective personal brand. Johnathan and Ben chat about how value creation isn't just about the features or perks of a product but the tangible outcomes it brings to customers. They also delve into the importance of credibility and how influence can be strengthened through demonstrated expertise and genuine social proof. Lastly, they highlight the importance of visibility, not just for personal satisfaction but to allow others to gain from one's expertise and know-how. The engaging conversation sets the stage for an upcoming session focused on practical steps for constructing and bolstering personal brands.

About the Guest:

Johnathan Maltby is an experienced career coach, business mentor, and expert in personal branding, boasting over a decade of knowledge. His professional voyage encompasses stints in recruitment, sales, marketing, and even education. Johnathan has a solid history of aiding individuals, teams, and businesses in refining their personal brands to attain heightened success. Renowned for his knack in translating intricate concepts into actionable plans, he empowers clients to unleash their full capabilities. Johnathan extends his expertise through his business coaching services and his fresh platform,

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Key Takeaways:

  • Personal brands should focus on delivering real-world outcomes that connect deeply with customer needs and enhance their lives or businesses.
  • Building a personal brand is about substantiating claims with tangible evidence of past successes, skills, and experiences.
  • Effective personal branding necessitates being seen in the right places, whether it be on social media, in meetings, or at networking events.
  • How you make customers feel can be just as important as the functional value you provide, creating lasting connections and loyalty.
  • Strategic positioning and timing can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your personal branding efforts.

Time Stamps: 

0:00 Intro

0:58 Guest Introduction

2:52 Guest’s Journey

4:13 Personal Brand

5:55 Making a Strong and Effective Personal Brand

8:26 Creating Value with Personal Brand

11:25 Credibility in Personal Brand

13:59 Visibility in Personal Brand

16:19 Proximity Factor

20:19 Guest Socials

21:04 Outro

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