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Episode 69: How Do We Build the Personal Brands of Our Teams to Generate Customer Value, with Johnathan Maltby

In this episode of Stronger Sales Teams, host Ben Wright delves deeper into 'personal branding' alongside business and career coach Johnathan Maltby. Building upon last week's episode, Ben and Johnathan explore practical strategies for crafting a compelling personal brand. Their discussion not only aims to bolster individual career trajectories but also seeks to produce favourable outcomes for sales teams and Customer.

In today's bustling marketplace, personal branding plays a vital role in setting oneself apart. Johnathan outlines his "six pillars of professional identity," aimed at guiding individuals in discovering their unique value and skills. This process entails identifying what you call yourself, understanding the problems you solve, knowing your capabilities, specialising in a particular area, recognising your value, and setting clear goals. When implemented thoughtfully, these steps provide a solid framework for building a strong personal brand that resonates with both clients and colleagues.

About the Guest:

Johnathan Maltby is an experienced career coach, business mentor, and expert in personal branding, boasting over a decade of knowledge. His professional voyage encompasses stints in recruitment, sales, marketing, and even education. Johnathan has a solid history of aiding individuals, teams, and businesses in refining their personal brands to attain heightened success. Renowned for his knack in translating intricate concepts into actionable plans, he empowers clients to unleash their full capabilities. Johnathan extends his expertise through his business coaching services and his fresh platform,

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Key Takeaways:

  • Johnathan presents a robust framework for personal branding, emphasising the importance of knowing what you call yourself, what problems you solve, your capabilities, specialisation, value, and goals.
  • Creating and managing one's personal brand involves influencing how others perceive you to ensure alignment with your goals.
  • Effective sales leaders set the example and create environments where teams can build and leverage personal brands.
  • Success stems from understanding and investing in the individual drivers and motivators of each team member.
  • Building a personal brand is not just about professional success but also about creating meaningful personal and career fulfilment.

Time Stamps: 

0:00 Intro

0:58 Guest Introduction

4:03 The Importance of Creating a Personal Brand

5:52 Creating a Brand For Yourself and the Team

6:55 A Framework for Building a Brand

15:13 Creating an Environment for the Team

20:41 Guest Socials

21:44 Outro

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